Adalsteinn, warrior, lover, hero. The man grew up as a warrior, hardened in battle, and an Adventurer in his own right. Having seen nerarly every corner of the earth. Born in the 56th year of the world. Last heard from on the 78th, the year he set out north, to the gates of hell, and facing Trift to go to hell. And rescue the one he loved. Though that was a mistake in its own. When he passes through the gates. His fate was sealed, he may one day meet his love again. But until then he would have to fight countless battles against demons, spirits, and beasts alike. Though he never regretted it for one minute, all to meet his love once more.

Though in his lifetime, he did more than just sacrifice himself to hell. He was one of the few men who got men and women alike to rally together. And stand strong in forming a town, a city. A place to call home. He helped begin the forming of the world as civilized. Having founded the city, Xanardi, the longest standing city known to the world. Other than this, not much is known about what happened to him through out his life. Fighting for peace, striving for a safe world. That was his wish, that was his dream. On the statue of him in the center of Xanardi, there is a quote inscribed into the stone. "If there is such a thing a peace in this cursed world. I'll reach out a take it. I'll seize it for everyone alive standing here with me."