Engel, third of the faeries. She is more lazy than any of the other two. Her will and kindness is there, Its just not but to use unless she feel necessary. She would prefer to sit all day and play her flute rather than do anything else. She is also quite young, So young in-fact that she is not mentioned at all in legend. It has made her jealous of her sisters at times. But she has learned to deal with it.


Her power is that of soothing a spirit, calming those around her with her flute. Preventing strife and war around her home.


Her personality is that of a calm, gentle being. The fact that she's only about the size of an adult humans Hand makes that while not entirely predictable. Quite a wise choice, not angering anyone. And not releasing anger. She loves just having peace.

The Faeries Flute

The faeries flute, Engel's flute. Its a flute of making that soothes the listener, no matter what is played. Its used to calm people. If you have a broken leg in the presence of The Faeries, while they heal you, you would hear this flute play. And you would be able to rest, despite the pain you may be in.