Erden, The Earth spirit. A Collosal being, some account say he is the height of five men. He resides deep in the mountains. Not wanting to cause harm to any. For this reason, he has no test, but questions for each being who wishes for a pact with him. Answer kindly, and he will form a pact. Answer wrong. And Its a no to you.

"Does one wish to destroy others with my power. If that is so. Go, now." ~ Erden


Erden, in keeping with his wise, kind nature, will inflict no harm to those who oppose him. Instead he will simply remove their ability to do harm to others by imprisoning them within the earth while still supplying them with the neccessities of life. His aid to pact-makers fits his nature as well, hardening their flesh to nearly invulnerable levels to render them almost immune to injury of the physical kind.