Gyt is a fearsome and experienced Praetorian Guard Demon, one of the oldest demons still alive. He's a veteran commander of most wars the demons have waged, though he usually backs away when there is internal strife or a civil war upon the demonic lands. Gyt has a very high reputation with his kind. Instead of participating in demon politics or internal affairs, Gyt usually gathers his army of volunteers and journeys away from the demonic lands. During this time he expands the demon race's overall holdings rather than fighting over things they already own. The demon only intervenes when things have gone on too long and when he intervenes, the conflict gets resolved. He ventured out from the demonic lands when the current Varahkhan swept through the realm and Agares rose up against his rule. Gyt tried to talk his friend Agares out of rebelling against the Varahkhan, saying that enough blood had been spilt, but to no avail. Gyt's mainly a strategist, quickly disposing of his opponents with little bloodshed whether it be in a duel or on the battlefield.


Despite Gyt's rough appearance and intimidating size, he is one of the kindest demons in Treteres. When he is out on his campaigns, he is quite merciful and honorable to his opponents. Gyt always wishes to avoid blood, but that does not mean he won't fight. He wishes to show humans and the other creatures of Treteres that demons are not mindless beasts intent on killing. When he is out conquering lands, he always sends out messengers to ask if his opponents will surrender before he attacks their position. At the end of his most recent excursion, he managed to surround the remnants of the opposing army, but did not move in for the kill. Gyt sent dozens of messengers to the commander over a period of twenty four hours, knowing full well his forces could crush the human army easily. Astounded by the sheer number of messengers and Gyt's persistence, the stubborn commander surrendered and the rest of the nation soon followed. They felt safe being ruled by a gentle giant like Gyt.


Gyt's strength is staggering, being able to make earthquakes with each step if he really wanted to. Because of his great size, he is very slow and that is reason why he has morphed his skin with layers of rock, making a nearly impenetrable armor. The orange-yellow spikes on his back allow him to control the earth, along with his claws. When things get particularly nasty, Gyt balls up and becomes a lightning fast wheel... complete with spikes to cut through enemies and obstacles.