Rotem, Elite Demon Warrior, Barbarian with no king. The Demon, Born of the magic of one of the past Varahkhan. He lost all loyalty and went barbaric at his death. No longer having a master, he marauded on the human realm for what could have been centuries If not for the Gods. They sealed him down, back into the depths of hell. Though his rage and lost path kept him wild and untamed. Eventually, He Broke his seal, and is now free in the realm of hell. Seeking out a new master, he can have a pact formed with him, and is the Only demon willing to accept the rule of a human. If they can defeat him in his Ruthless Battle.


His Abilities are Immense, Having battled against human, demon, and god alike. His Powers that of darkness, pure living darkness. When He has a pact formed with him, His Armor surrounds his Master, protecting them from any blow. Giving them the power to glide across the battlefield with his wings. His Signature ability he has title "Lifeshear." A deadly blast of dark energy surges forth from the ground when him, or his pact holder raises their weapon into the air, then slams it down to the ground.


His personality is that of a barbarian, speaking in short, get to the point like sentences. He has no will to listen to long winded speeches and will often just attack to get the battle to begin. With every soul he takes he accepts it as a blessing. The death of his enemy increasing his power.

The Mazatal

His Weapon, The Mazatal is a Spiker hammer forged from the bones of corpses imbues with powerful magic to make it stronger than any blade. The countless souls he has taken with his weapon only increases the power of it, the dark sheen to it ever increasing.