Sucellus, second of the faeries. She is the one most first see if, and when they encounter faeries, as she is usually out and about. Doing anything from gathering food for her and her sisters, to gathering herbs to heal travelers. She cares for all and wishes everyone the best of luck, and a good day to them. Hoping that they will treat others the same.


Her Ability, while not perfect, is to heal travelers, And Nature Around her. Able to set broken bones, and ease pain, she will if she can.


Sucellus, while the one most often out and about, is the most shy around new people. She will hide her face and blush around most if not all new people. She is quite easily embarrased, and is a bit of a perfectionist. But among her and her sisters, she is the most mature, and often the one ending up caring for the three of them.