The spirits, Entities created by the gods. Residents of the earth. They are the ones a human can make a pact with. After completing the spirits trials. A Rigorous test from the spirit. Be it combat, trivia, stealthyness, anything. The test will push many to there limits and beyond, Just as the spirits would need them to do, to make a bond with a human. Legend says however, that the spirits cannot kill, this is far from true however. The Spirits have no limitations other than those placed upon them by The Gods themselves.


There are two stages to summoning a spirit, the first being activating their blessing, and the second, truly summoning to the battlefield beside the user.

Chiaro - The Spirit of Light
Orphe - The Spirit of Darkness
Notau - The Spirit of Fire
Eis - The Spirit of Ice
Erden - The Spirit of Earth
Idrica - The Spirit of Water
Pilvi - The Spirit of Wind