The current Varahkhan's past is mostly unknown. What is known about him is that he rose to power by leading an army of his followers over the demonic lands and overrunning the forces of demonic nobles who opposed him. He was sufficiently strong enough to defeat Praetorian Guard member Agares and force him into his service, and eventually defeated every opponent to his rule, becoming the Varahkhan. None know his name, not even the members of the Praetorian Guard - although it has been rumored that he made a deal with Reverie to gain his powers...


The Varahkhan's powers are unknown at this point, as it has been many years since his last battle. What is certain is that he has only grown stronger over the years due to some power beyond mortal and demonic comprehension. His Naerihn is said to be the strongest in all of history, being forged from the souls over over ten thousand foes he slaughtered during his conquest and reinforced with the bones of a steel giant, and is said to have the power to rival the gods'.


As befitting one of his status, the Varahkhan has been known to almost never speak, and when he does it is only to give orders to his vassals. He is ruthless and cunning, utilizing more strategy than most demon commanders of his time instead of relying on brute force. Since ascending to the throne, he is said to have become quieter than he was before and to retreat into his own thoughts much more often...

The Naerihn

A Blade Forged from atleast one thousand souls of Demons, Humans, anything truly alive. Its is a sword of death, and having one is the only way to even attempt to Ascend to the Seat of Varahkhan. The Current Varahkhan, and the Previous, will duel, Winner becoming, or Remaining the Varahkhan. And Let it be known, The more souls Taken By the Blade of the Naerihn, The Stronger it becomes.