Trift, protecter of the gates to hell, located in the northern wastes on an island isolated from all humanity. Even though the world around her is sub zero in temperatures, it is an eternal green. Making many who dare venture there wonder how this happens. She can speak, and is quite wise, among the demons, she has a huge amount of respect and authority. Many obeying her, just for the fact that she, and she alone has been entrusted with protecting the gates to their world. She is also huge in size. Being atleast as tall as five men. Her strength, could decimate any regular being. The only imperfection upon her body, is a cut part of her horn when she fought against a formidible warrior who ended up gaining her respect, Adalsteinn. She didn't kill him, but left him alive and through to hell to 'save' the few dear to him.


Her abilities are immense and honed over the countless years she has been alive. Able to freeze any item with a mere gaze. Able to fly at immense speeds. Able to destroy any enemy with a mere swipe of her claws. Her scales harder than any steel. Fighting her, would mean sure death.


She is a cold hearted being. Ruthless when fighting, unless you manage to wound her, then she accepts defeat. SO one could call her, Cold, Wise, Brutal, Committed and more.