Xanardi, Founded on the 75th year of the world by Adalsteinn. The town, while not exceptionally advanced in terms of technology, has a peaceful feel. A Comforting feel. Many live and have grown up here with its simple charms. A Life easy to live, many of the jobs availible simple, yet hard, requiring skill, due to the fact that, thats just how life is. Many men become hunters or farmers, many women, tailors or chefs. Though most choose to stay in the town. Some also choose to leave and see the world. This town has been warred upon several times, yet neve faltered in its stance. Protecting the defenseless, and preserving what little peace they have. Gyt, the demon leader having came to the town, and left merely for the fact that he accepted them for who they were, and actually broke his code of conquering all in sight. Just because he could tell they would not falter.